Leadership New Albany is a community leadership development program offered by the New Albany Chamber of Commerce to existing and emerging leaders. The 8-month program takes participants on a journey to increase their knowledge of New Albany‚Äôs past and present; and gain a better understanding of the New Albany business, economic, civic and government landscape. Local leaders share business and leadership insights through presentations, interactive sessions, panel discussions and behind-the-scenes tours.  

The ideal participant is a mid- to high-level leader with significant career and community achievements. Leadership New Albany seeks applicants that are willingly to commit the time, energy and resources necessary to actively participate in, and graduate from the program.  The goal is to graduate leaders that are knowledgeable and informed about issues that affect New Albany.

Lead Now
Lead Now is a leadership development program from Focus 3 that teaches “the physics of leadership” where participants develop leadership skills to include this specific, systematic combination of interacting behaviors. LEAD NOW is actively used by many elite leaders around the world in dozens of industry environments, generating millions of dollars in revenue, winning championships and saving lives.

Attendance is required so that the entire class receives a meaningful experience from their investment. Class members and their employers must be willing to commit the necessary time to fully participate in the program. To graduate, a participant may not miss more than one session and continued enrollment is contingent upon your company remaining in good status as a Chamber member and your continued employment with such member. 

The application period for the Class of 2021 will open in January.

Sample Curriculum
Community Master Plan
Local Government
Economic Development
Health & Wellness
History, Arts, Culture & Philanthropy

Leadership New Albany Brochure

Please contact Monica Biemer at monica@newalbanychamber.com or (614) 855-4400 with any questions.