Logo Guidelines:
All New Albany Chamber Commerce members are invited to use the Chamber logo and the 2020 Member Icon on their website stating they are a proud member. This is a good way to indicate to consumers and the public that you support both the Chamber and your local community.

Important to note:
Logos and icons can only be used by New Albany Chamber of Commerce members in good standing or approved media outlets. We reserve the right to deny any usage if it does not support the Chamber’s mission or brand. Members may use the Chamber logo only as a sign of membership, not as an endorsement. We recommend using the logo under the wording “Proud member of the”. All online uses of the New Albany Chamber of Commerce logo should link to https://newalbanychamber.com/.

We reserve the right to withdraw permission to use the New Albany Chamber of Commerce logo and the 2020 Chamber Member icon at any time including but not limited to if the logos are used in a way not consistent with these guidelines, a member has canceled Chamber membership, or the logos are used in a manner not deemed appropriate by the Chamber.

Please use the links below to download the individual Chamber logos and Member icons or use the buttons to download zip files containing all logos/icons colors and formats.

New Albany Chamber Logos

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White: GIF | PNG

2020 Member Icons

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