New Albany is more than just a pretty face. Beyond the signature white horse fences and Georgian architecture is a vitality that is evident throughout the community. New Albany is that rare community, a product of the passion and ingenuity of individuals who believe it’s not just where you live but how you live that defines quality of life. Master planning is evident everywhere, from wooded preserves and scenic vistas to timeless Georgian architecture and preservation of green space.

The city was founded on four core values: environmental and economic sustainability, culture, health and education. These values are instrumental in guiding the city as it continues to grow. New Albany is a small city that thinks big and delivers.

New Albany’s identity as a planned community includes a dedicated responsibility to providing ample green space and recreational opportunities for its residents. Walking trails wind around and through neighborhoods. Attention to detail in all aspects of daily living creates a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly community with an unparalleled commitment to education, wellness, culture, health, and leisure that inspires families and businesses alike.

New Albany is set apart by its commitment to lifelong learning, healthy living, culture, leisure and commerce. This is reflected in everything from pedestrian-friendly Market Square anchored by restaurants, shops and a library; to 33 miles of leisure trails connecting Market Square to neighborhoods. It extends to our New Albany International Business Park and to our nationally ranked school system located within a 200-acre learning campus that is also home to the community’s performing arts center.