City of New Albany

The City of New Albany, with a population of 8,800, covers just over 17 square miles in the northeastern quadrant of Franklin County in Central Ohio. Located within Plain Township, the City of New Albany uses the mayor-council manager form of government. As a master planned community, the city takes pride in its emphasis on creating livable spaces with ample recreational opportunities.

New Albany City Council is the legislative branch of government made up of seven members, one of whom is the Mayor. Sloan Spalding was elected Mayor in 2015.

The City of New Albany combines the strong political leadership of elected officials with the reliable managerial experience of an appointed manager. Joseph Stefanov was appointed City Manager by City Council in 2000. The City Manager acts as the CEO for the city on a day-to-day basis, ensuring effective delivery of services to New Albany residents and businesses. He also oversees community engagement efforts and special events.

Director of Community Development, Jennifer Chrysler, has led the economic development team since 2005. The largest master-planned corporate business park in the state, the New Albany International Business Park has left nothing to chance. Designed to inspire creativity, discovery and commerce, its one-of-a-kind appeal has attracted a diverse range of businesses, from international headquarters to technology startups to the 3,000-acre park.

2018 Annual Report

Plain Township

Plain Township is home to nearly 11,000 residents including the City of New Albany. The Township is governed by three elected Trustees who oversee all township functions and services. Ben Collins has been the Township Administrator since 2009 and oversees the day to day business of the township government.

Areas served by the Plain Township Fire Department are Plain Township within Franklin County and the City of New Albany within Franklin County. The City of New Albany in Licking County is served by Monroe Township Fire Department and West Licking Fire District.

In addition to fire and EMS services, the Fire Department is responsible for fire safety and prevention efforts, including fire code enforcement, community outreach and education programs. John Hoovler has been the Fire Chief since 1994.

The Plain Township Aquatic Center is a community pool open to the public. The Aquatic Center also hosts events and community groups including the Plain Township Gators youth swimming and diving team. Plain Township maintains several cemeteries, including Maplewood Cemetery – an active and historic cemetery. The township also provides the community’s outdoor warning sirens and rural street lights. The Township Zoning Department oversees zoning enforcement in the unincorporated township.

2018 Annual Report