Leadership Academy

The New Albany Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy offers professional development programs, seminars and workshops to help chamber members’ professional growth and development at special discounted rates. Some sessions are geared to young professionals and some toward the executive level or business owner professional. With a wide range of timely topics, this is a great way to learn new skills to improve your organization and yourself while keeping a competitive edge in today’s business world.

Personal Branding

Globalization and social media have made the world smaller, more connected and infinitely more competitive. The world has changed. Have you? If you don’t have the package that will take you to the next level of your career, you need to reinvent your personal brand. Based on the book, BrandingPays, by Karen Kang, this session is a practical guide to strategic personal branding, and will help you refocus your skills and experience so you are the best candidate for the job, career and business opportunities that you desire. Perfect for professionals, entrepreneurs and college students, the step-by-step BrandingPays methodology has been proven in Fortune 500 companies and leading business schools.


You have the opportunity to do what you do best every day! This session is all about providing you with insight into you as a leader. With the Gallup tool, you will learn what your top five strengths are and how you can leverage them to drive your performance. You’ll have the opportunity to analyze your own strengths, learn how they relate to the four domains of leadership, and see what strengths look like from a “balcony and basement” view. That view will show you how your strengths can be an advantage and what to watch out for when leveraging your strengths. Gallup is a leading research organization and Strength Finders is based on extensive scientific research around personal performance.

Leadership from Any Seat

The conductor is not the only leader of an orchestra….You can lead from any chair! The act of leadership is not limited to people in top leadership positions. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you sit; you can inspire and lead others! This session is all about what it means to be a leader in your current role. It’s about learning ways to be a leader on your team through taking initiative, being a thought partner and stretching yourself to grow and develop! It is about taking accountability to lead and influence from your current role on your way to bigger opportunities.

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